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We believe in new and exciting colour combinations. The colours used in our collections are rich, yet understated, creating a genuine intrigue.
Our signature colour is proof of this approach, a deep green-blue reminiscent of the unknowable depths of the Pacific Ocean, a colour so beguiling in its complexity that it fascinates long thereafter.

A deep green-blue, reminiscent of the unknowable depths of the Pacific Ocean

Likewise, we believe that fabrics should be sensuous to the touch and seductive to the wearer. We make almost exclusive use of fabrics comprising virgin wool, mohair, cashmere, camel hair, Egyptian cotton, silk or vicuna. Our dedication to the highest quality materials is unmistakeable.


Before its popularity with British mods and its use in the military, the earliest versions of the parka stem back to the Inuit People of the Arctic. Originally crafted from a lightweight, waterproof material from either seal or caribou, heavier variations came about to combat the cold, winter climate. Today, the parka is synonymous with urban style and a young, outgoing attitude. A staple of every collection, the PAUL DAVIS Parkas find a balance between sporty and refined, offering the best in rain-repellent, technological advances, while lending itself to warmth and comfort in the winter.


The parka, paired with a tailored suit, becomes popular within the British Mod subculture


Another military classic, the Canadienne found its fame in Nordic countries. Typically crafted from leather with a shearling collar, it was a favourite of the intellectual set, most notably Jean-Paul Sartre and the creatives of the left bank in Paris. The PAUL DAVIS Canadiennes are adapted for today, taking an imposing military overcoat and transforming it into a timeless staple for any occasion. Variations include cashmere, as well as a mohair/angora blend overcoat, taking this double-breasted icon to the next level of sophistication.


Sleek, modern and refined, these three words sum up our 3 classic suit shapes that have been the backbone of every collection. Finding a balance between classical and fashion-forward, these suits transition brilliantly between business and pleasure. They are fundamentally serious, yet display an uncanny allure, intelligence and worldliness. Employing fabrics from some of the world’s best fabric manufacturers, the Desjardins, Villeneuve & Richelieu Suits are truly remarkable.