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As in nature, we embrace the philosophy that simplicity often masks great complexity and everything is done with a purpose. The PAUL DAVIS man is kind, humble, mild-mannered, intelligent, outgoing and strong, emboldened by a tireless optimism and positive outlook for the future.

Simplicity often masks great complexity, everything done with a purpose

He is manifested by the heroes of our modern era, those seeking justice and the moral truth; the creatives, those seeking to craft something that is beneficiary to the world; the explorers, those seeking understanding, beauty and independence. This gives an aesthetic that is clean, modern and refined– a look of effortless sophistication.

Verum Aquilonem

It is with these words that we begin a new chapter of designer menswear. Verum Aquilonem or “true North” is our motto, inspiring men to follow their own guiding light, to lead life by their own ideals and to shape a future for themselves.