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Built in 1887, the Joseph Haydn Palais is the home and creative heart of PAUL DAVIS. We are proud to welcome our guests in this storied location that has inspired people for generations. Walking through the main entrance, one is immediately captivated by the massive 20-metre cast-iron spiral staircase. Conceived by Gustave Eiffel, the free-standing sculpture twists its way towards the heavens and is testament to the French engineer’s genius.


The Joseph Haydn Palais is completed, Gustave Eiffel’s cast-iron spiral staircase features prominently in the foyer

Similarly, the apartments of the building are adorned with orginal features, parquet floorings, marble, mouldings and ceramic fireplaces, lending a unmistakable charm and fascination to our creative spaces. The neighbouring Tiergarten, with its sprawling green spaces and tranquil setting, offers limitless potential and room for new ideas.

In this mythical location, we have built our home. A place that enhances creativity and a place to build community. A place where people can come together, collaborate and inspire.

For generations a haven to artists and creatives, the home of


Over the course of the building’s history, the Joseph Haydn Palais has been a haven for countless artists and creative minds. The most notable was impressionist painter Lovis Corinth, who for over twenty years called the building home. His and other artists’ traces are still felt today.

On the occasion of Joseph Haydn Palais’ 130-year anniversary, we strive to continue in this artistic tradition, a nod to the past, while bringing new momentum and vigour for the future.