Founded in 2011, PAUL DAVIS has earned a reputation for men’s suiting and outerwear. Blending the best of European craftsmanship with the Canadian designer’s clean and modern perspective, the company strives to continue in this tradition, defining a new aesthetic for designer menswear.


Paul grew up on the west coast of Canada among the old-growth forests and the Pacific Ocean. He absorbed the influences of British and French colonial style, most evident in the grand railway hotels that dot the country.

The opulence and refinement of these worlds inspired his sense of sophistication and style, while their location in the wild, untamed surroundings forged a connection with nature and the vast landscapes of the Great White North. 

After studying fashion in Montréal and Paris, Paul landed in a legendary atelier overlooking the Place Vendôme. Working for the House of Schiaparelli, he was introduced to a world of high fashion and surrealism. It was here that he was inspired to found his own fashion house a few years later...


A uniquely Canadian perspective, PAUL DAVIS sets out to create a new aesthetic for designer menswear. Blending the best of European craftsmanship with a fresh North American outlook, the result is a collection that is clean, modern and refined.

From the raw materials, to fabrics, to construction and performance, it is our conviction that clothing, the most intimate and personal of objects, should be of the absolute best quality.

We source fabrics exclusively from Italy, France and the UK. Working with esteemed fabric suppliers, we are able to combine generations of know-how and artisinal traditions to create new and exciting combinations.

In the same spirit, we craft all of our products in Europe, seeking out manufacturers with traditional expertise and a dedication to detail. A closely-knit family of European craftsmanship is at the heart of what we do.




A military classic, the Canadienne found its fame in Nordic countries. Typically crafted from leather with a shearling collar, it was a favourite of the intellectual set, most notably Jean-Paul Sartre and the creatives of the left bank in Paris. The PAUL DAVIS Canadienne is adapted for today, modern and understated, a true menswear classic.


Before its popularity with British mods and use in the military, the earliest versions of the parka stem back to the Inuit people of the Canadian Arctic. Originally crafted from a lightweight, waterproof material from either seal or caribou, heavier variations arose to combat the cold climate. An important piece of every collection, the PAUL DAVIS Parka finds a balance between sporty and refined, offering the best in rain-repellent features, while lending itself to warmth and comfort in winter.


PAUL DAVIS is dedicated to the highest form of men’s tailoring. It is at the heart of the modern man’s wardrobe. Be it the slim-fit Desjardins, the classic Villeneuve or the hand-tailored Richelieu, the suiting collection offers an aesthetic of effortless sophistication for any occasion. From young artists to heads-of-state, we are indeed honoured to suit-up many of the world’s the most dynamic and prominent personalities.